Who is Behind the Matuso Writing Center?

The founder of Matsuo Writing Center is the famous Takashi Matsuo. He has a rich career and very interesting life stories, so here is a little sneak peak through it.


matsuo profileBirthday:May 11, 1960 (Showa 35)

Blood Type:In fact, it is unknown but there is still information on the subtlety of talented directory books and on the net, although it is sometimes written a lie and played loud and funny, such as “B type”, “O type RH-” for a while, etc. It is secretly glad that it is scattered around)

Birthplace:Ikuta Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture (present · Chuo-ku) Ikuta Shrine soba, near the entrance to the east gate village.

Final Education:Osaka University of the Arts Faculty of Design Faculty of Design (Department of Graphic Design)

Motto of motto:”Impost, meaningless, halfway”

Hobby:Watching movies. Travel. tennis. Soba hand crawl. Curry shop tour. Spoon bending. Town observation. Rakugo appreciation. Hypocritical criticism. puzzle. Painting. Wordship origin. Hot spring. A stationery store sightseeing. magic. 100 yen shopping.

Favorite Movie:A secret (not a movie titled “secret”).

Favorite person:A person not too thick. A person who does not make much mind like I heard. A person who is not hypocritical. People who understand the situation.

Favorite things:Soba, curry, grilled chicken, sushi and other delicious items.It is meaningless. A halfway thing. Unscrupulous things. To find a surprising combination.


In 1981

Dubbed by an onomatopoee on an animation work by Mr. Susaki Sasaki illustrator.

In 1982

Lost of screenwriter · Yoshida Yoshida (“Rainy Wataru Monogatari” etc) Managing many directorial works by Kenji Mizoguchi and “Tenpyo no yu” “Rikyu”, the early “infamy” series, and “Star Wars” series Produced cassette tapes of gag performance, dubbed and distributed (currently collaborated with Mr. Yoshikazu Shinnen, a glass craft artist) with the recommendation of Yoda’s model which appears. Continue the steady activities such as the stage narration of “theater company 120%” and the host of the student band concert.

In 1983

After graduation, I worked as a part-time staff at Osaka Art University Foundation Modeling Laboratory. DJ apprenticeship at college in the daytime and disco at the Kitashinchi night “Cleo Palazzi” at night. It keeps doing things like things like spoon bending showtime, nothing. Close the taste to the FM Osaka Hosted Film Concert Radio CM performance fee of 8000 yen. In the middle of the Guriko incident, I also recorded TV narration for Esaki Guriko’s image-up for TV, which was produced with countermeasures against 21 phones. Naturally in the presentation, it will be dead, to know the difficulty of adult society.

In 1984

Scouted in “Cleo Palazzi” store and belongs to Otaki Agency. The fact that the office sent the above-mentioned tape to Nippon Broadcast was disaster, why the band program from 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock in the evening was suddenly suffocated by himself and ended at a loss. Started celebrity activities under the name of “Kitsch” [Kitsch] on that occasion. About 5 years, I will live in Tokyo and Osaka dual life. In Kansai Nakajima et al. Are also attached at his / her home and workplace, and receive “Takumi”. In Tokyo, contributing to the office at that time floating the accommodation expenses paid by the broadcasting station while semi-annoying on the condition of “Making the care of the cat” at home of author Yoichi Kitaichi.

In 1986

Participated in the launching of Nakajima-owned theatrical company “Laughing Corps Corps Lilliput Army”, then enrolled for about 4 years.

In 1989

Changed agent to Furutani Co., Ltd. on New Year’s Day. Beginning April 3, he also begins to appreciate “groundless artist name” Takashi Matsuo “.

In 1993

In April, we formed a phantom band “Pork Sites” with Atsushi Okuno, Masanobu Katsumura, Masanobu Harada, Kaori Kawamura, Yutaka Higuchi (BACK-TICK) (Later, Nakano Nakano, Kanayama Kazuhiko, Yoshimoto Miyoko joined us, grass Also holding a single concert at the Moon Hall, the song ‘How to make a hamburger steak’ will be broadcast on NHK “Minna no Uta” for two months).

In 1996

We organized a live “personality skeleton room” at the Aoyama amphitheater with the director G 2 who was trusted since the debut.

In 1998

Mr. G2 formed a theater unit “AGAPEstore” caught in the immediate fun things without being caught by type and method, planning once or twice a year performance, saved by excellent staff members and fulfilling guest performers to continue.

In 2002

While leaving the rumor that he was enrolled in a murderer, officially leaving Lilipat · Army.

In 2003

Established Comedy · Writer’s Mr. Yasunari Suda, Comedy · Creative Factory of Love and Peace, “Dainippon Genomic Genome” Company.

In 2004

TV, radio, movies, theater, events, essays, illustrations, origami, criticisms of paranormal phenomena, and so on. Twisting, resembling, drawing, writing, recording, taking, taking, drinking, turning, giving up, etc. often speaks of a multitude of hobbies, badly speaking, it does not have sanctions. There is no philosophy. There is no reputation. Unfortunately, even Aiko Aiko and Yoko Hosoki are unable to predict what ultimately aims at. I will not expect it. I will not try to predict. That is also irresponsible.


career1980      “Car painting (by Airbrush)” group exhibition at the parking lot in Osaka / Senri-chu.

1981       A group exhibition of illustrations and posters at Osaka · Suita.

1982       Performance exhibition with Mr. Kohei Iida (present · Van Cleef & Apel company) at “Fictitious Communication · Tent Art Exhibition” in Nishinomiya City · Hyogo Prefecture · 川川 riverbed.

1996       A solo exhibition of Origami at the Landmark Tower in Yokohama.

1997       Exhibited origami at Mino City Washi Kaikan in Gifu Prefecture.

1999       A solo exhibition of “Origami paper (jimmen-gami)” exhibition at Origami at the Minami Aoyama Gallery.”HANGATEN 3 1/2″ at Shinjuku · BEAMS JAPAN B gallery (with Hajime Azai et al.).

2000      “Exhibition” at Nogizaka · TA Gallery (Mr. Seki Nanshi, group exhibition with Mr. Shiko Sakamoto etc.).


1986  Lilipat · Army each book performance

1994  The mystery of Ilmapep 11/15 – 11/2 PARCO SPACE PART 3

1996   Lilliput Army 28th performances Tengai AyaginuTan / Saint Evil (guest appearance)

2/4 Kintetsu small theater personality skepticism room

History of hysteria –

8/31 to 9/2 Aoyama Round Theater

Love Letters (co-star: Kondo Sato)

9/30 PARCO Theater

1997  Aoyama Theater Festival Farewell World ’97 Slyly Walk Produce “Illness” 10/17 – 10/26

Aoyama Amphitheater

1998  AGAPE store First performance “Ultra old age ” 5/26 – May 31 Aoyama amphitheater

1999  AGAPE store 2nd performance “D / J (Joe Bunno Dee)” 6/26 – 7/47

Aoyama amphitheater 7/10 – 7/11

Kintetsu Art Museum

2000   AGAPE store The 3 rd 2000 thousand yen paper currency issuance commemorative performance “Super age transfer 2000” 2/10 ~ 2/13

Kintetsu small theater

2/21 ~ 2/27 Kinokuniya hall

2001  Sotobakomachi performances, guest appearances”friendship ironing classroom”

Lilliput Army 38th performances woman who brought the tiger (guest appearance)

AGAPE Store Fourth concert – “BIG BIZ ~ Miyahara wood close call”

Kohayashi Hiroshi work and directed “Nickies Pavilion”

2002  AGAPE store Fifth performances – hell Hakkei dead-Gi-Oh

AGAPE store Sixth performances “BIG BIZ ~ Miyahara wood Close Call” replay

2003 AGAPE store The seventh performance ” BIGGER BIZ – desperately life! Yuuki dead?”

Choshu series recitation

2004 – 2005 AGAPE store The Eighth Concert “The Strange Hole”

AGAPE store The 9th Performance ” BIGGER BIZ ~ Desperately Suffering ! Yuuki Deading?” Reproduction

AGAPE store The 10th Performance ” Costume Enemy Country ”


matsuo stage1987.12.19 “goodbye” Women of Toho Kazuki Omori Director

1989.11.18 “Ready! Ready READY! LADY” Kitty Films, Suntory distribution = ARGO project Kei Ota Director

1990.05.19 “Cinderella Express” production = Ito Yorozu, Yon Kinema Distribution = Kinema Star Film Mr. Masaaki Sello

1991.10.25 “The Adopted Man” (V) Toshiba Imaging Software (Starring) 1992 “Baku Baku!” Japan Victor (Main) Yoshihara Kenichi Director 1993 “City Not Sleeping Shinjuku Shark ” Fuji TV Director Yojiro Takita

1994.12.17 ” New World of Love ” G Companyperson = Toa Akiko Takahashi Tomohiro Director

1995.01.28 “Four Sister Stories”

1995.03.11“Gamera Large Monsters Airborne Decisive Battle” Daiei = Nippon Television Hiroshi Kaneko Shusuke Director

1995.10.14 “Sleeping Beauties” Hiroto Yokoyama Director

1996 “That ‘s the cheat! The greatest battle ever?” (Fuji TV ) Sugawara Hiroshi Director

1997” Shakyu no Enka no Hana” (Fuji Television) Director Yojiro Takita Director

1997.02.01 “THE DEFENDER” Director Kazuya Konaka

1999 “Shinigami Paradise” Digital Movi Tachikawa Shiiraku Director

2000  “Juvenile Juvenile ” Fuji TV Yamazaki Takashi Director

2001 “Tokyo ☆ Zenzu っ ~ It is a Japanese person!” Omnibus “A country of” tenderness ” directed by Takashi Matsuo

” Godzilla · Mothra · King Ghidora Great monster attack ” Director Shinku Kaneko

11.24 ” Money saison GO! GO! ” Space Doctors Narration Katsumura Masanobu

2004 ” Hotel · Venus ” Fuji Television, Shochiku Takahata Hida Director Director / Screenplay

2001.02.10 “The country of” kindness ” Zetima = Fuji Television = Media Factory and others.


matsuo movies“Cooperate: Akiko Yagi and others

Pony Canyon

“Video Egg”(Composition: Yoichi Kitai) Co-star: Jun Togawa,

Composition: Yoshikazu Kato

“Frogman Show of Takashi Matsuo”

(Terry Ito Project, Produced by Takahashi and Produced by Masayuki Uchida, ” Uchida Shunki) ” News COM Station 23 ” Pony Canyon , Yuichiro Nakayama)


“Ganbare Tabuchi” (Mr. Okada)

“Nance on the Run ~ Running! Nuni ~” (Two roles of Erik Idol and Lobby · Coltrane)

“Martian People Go Home” (All Martians Appearing)

“Leslie Nielsen’s Golf 13” Twin (Nielsen’s Voice)

“Aladdin” Disney Movie (Peddler Peddler)

“South Park” Series WOWOW (Mr. McKay, Uncle God Hanky, Satan’s Role, etc.)

“Prince & Princess” France Movie (Prince role etc)


“KITSCH” (alpha · moon)

“Porcupine and other variants” guest (Keralino · Sandrovich Produce, Control script: Yoshida tank)

“Gray Test · Song of All” Single Vocal (Chorus: Yukihiro Takahashi · Keiichi Suzuki · “Blue Film” New · Snake Man · Show (1 ~ 4,

Mr. Takashi Matsuo Produced by Radio Masakazu Matsuo ) (Co-star: Yasuda Yasuo, Naya Goro, Aono Takeshi, Matsuo Suzuki , Shoichi Kuwahara Produce) “Snake Man Rock Show” Guest (Produced by Kobayashi Katsuya) “Pierre and Catherine” Single Vocal (Chihiro Fujii and Duet) “Matsuo Takashi no Techno Kuma Yakon” (Avex, Co-star: Masayama Eiko, other) “flounder become flounder” (NHK) “net cafe Roman” (large This raw genome produced, friendship starring, co-star: Mari Maeda, etc.)

Author Work

The main work includes:

  • hospitality principle (Kobunsha)
  • occult Dekkachi (Asahi Shimbun)
  • street corner of genius Memorial (Nihonbungeisha Co., Ltd.)
  • lies knowledge of industry terminology (Shogakukan)
  • folding face (Little More)
  • exorcism sides of the cult (Scholastic)
  • company of the law (Takeshobo)
  • Unconfirmed Cowardly Object (Asahi Shimbun)
  • Takashi’s Method (NHK Publishing)
  • Supervised Book
  • Dog Teenagers (Wanibooks)
  • ZAi ” Series of printed paper magazines
  • ZAi” Ukiyo’s also up to the money ” Diamond company
  • BRIO ” Declaration of customerism by Takashi Matsuo! ” Kobunsha’s mono magazine
  • ” Supernormal snapshots ” World Photo Press
  • Japan · Skeptics NEWS LETTER
  • Tales of Matsuo’s occult drift ” Tokyo Sports newspaper column
  • “Bokurakadate”

Received Awards

matsuo awards1986

Broadcasting Performance Grand Prize Hope Award

Master Grand Prize New Artist Award


Nippon Sake Brewery Association · Sake Awards Encouragement Award


Japan Sommelier Association · Honor Sommelier No. 75 A vague appointment


Mono magazine serial series

“Supernormal snapshot” booklet (book title undecided).

Genomic DVD “Baka genome analysis plan”

(starring friendship, volunteer appearance: Shuta Shunputi, Reiko Matsunaga, Mari Maeda, Aya Fukuyama, Yuji Nakayama, others)

New radio program (details to be decided).

New CD “Ecology Festival of Takashi Matsuo” (tentative name) produced.


AGAPE store Eleventh

tour “BIGGEST-BIZ – cross the Hudson River”